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New things happening

I am now selling DJI products and have sold Phantom 3’s and Ronin’s.  Please give me a call if your interested in a UAS.


I also have my 333 from the FAA and I have been flying jobs with my UAS and my airplane.  So I have grown in business and services.



New work planning out.

Been researching new business opportunities, collecting my associates together to make something new  happen, a new twist to an old turn._S3A0182

New overhauled website

Well I got it done, new look for my website, got my stock site up and running.  I have over 1500 images so far on my stock site.  I am so excited about getting my images out there for everyone to see and maybe even buy.  Buy?  That is a novel idea!  Well now it is real.  My site will have other items for sale also, custom framing, mugs, calendars, Shirts and lots more.  You will be able to select an image and have it put on any of these items.  How kool is that!

So while I sit all warm and comfortable and it’s onl 16 degrees outside I have the good fortune to be where I am.   Expanding my photography business and making that happen as I type.

People from the pass are calling and we are reconnecting with collaboration happening.  Just that me smile, sounds like things are falling into place.


Take a look



New Years Resolution

My New Year Resolution is: to post more on my blog to keep my friends more up to date with what is going on with me and my photography.

With that being said I also have to be careful because of my Aerial competition, the ones close by don’t tell much and they sure have pumped me for questions and then one has screwed me on a job so my honesty with these guy has been lost, not telling them a thing and sure want have anything to do with the guy who burned me.  Now the other people who I am not a threat too are so very helpful and wonderful to work with and so free to share there great information!  Thank you for that!

Now for today’s happening  SNOW we have SNOW and I am not talking an inch I am talking about 6 inches!  How kool is that?  So I have shoveled a path out and have time to work with my images and ideals that I have.   I will share them in the future but I have to be careful.  So I took some phone shots of the snow and that reminded me to remove thumbnails and some other images off the phone and now back at posting the images.  So now that I have this posted I am moving on to adding more images to my phone.

Till next week

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Meeting of Photographers in Nashville

I drove up to Nashville last night and met with other photographer that follow David Bean and the meeting was at his studio.  There were somewhere between 50 to 75 people that showed up.  Some friends like Pierre and new ones Chad,Joel,Kay ramming an photographer from the boro.  I met a lot of others but no cards passed and just talked photography.  There was a photo booth set up and David took picture of everyone along with a guy that had an old Polaroid  land Camera he took some kool black and whites.

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Tullahoma Board Meeting

Well I was want to be appointed to the Local Airport Authority this past Monday night, but a  lady and she is a realtor and president of the local Chamber beat me out.  So let see, I have been a pilot for 39 years, own and run several business in Tullahoma, my family business has only been here for 58 years.  I do aerial photography, I use my PLANE and fly from the TULLAHOMA AIRPORT weekly.   I was chairman of the authority after my dad died from 1980 to 1984.  I have own my Cessna 182 since 1977….mmmm so what do you think is more important to a community?  Someone appointed because she is ????  Or someone else that has the qualifications?   Does not make sense to me except I a have gotten up and spoke my mind to things that have happen in the past, tryed to honest about what I said and I know I stepped on toes, but all I spoke was the facts as I saw them.  If you know me, you know where I am coming from.  All I can do is wait for a new mayor and see what happens.  So this is another way our government works, and we don’t do anything to make change, because too many people benefit from things personally.  It is a shame but that is how we have let things happen.

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Beautiful Skies

Well again I woke up to a beautiful blue sky, I have a center to shoot, but it faces west, so I need the sun at least noon or later so the front of the stores are not dark.  Looking at the sky now it is still beautiful but clouds have formed.  So I will check out the center and what the clouds spots are doing to the ground. Nothing like a sick ground picture with dark spots….. maybe I can get this done for my customers today, if not I got tomorrow and maybe Monday.  The weather is a great force we all have to work with.

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Processing Images

In the good old days I use to take a roll of 36 and spend 4 to 6 hours developing the film and then turning around and printing 5×7 with my 4×5 enlarger.  It was hot in my little dark room but I was having fun figuring out how things worked reading magazine articles and just spending hours and hours in my dark little room.  I was even processing color slides! 

Now  last Friday for the 4thof July Fireworks and airshow I took 739 images!  And I may spend a lot less time per image but I have so many to work withI can pick and choose only the best and then I just mark them so I will remember which ones I liked the best so in 3 months I will remember.  But until I need them I can just enjoy the images on my screen,Then when I need to print them, I can with my Epson 7880 Photo printer, it prints 24″ tall to 48″ wide.  I printer I use in my workI use this printer with all my images, I have never had to send out any of my images for printing.  I use it for my construction progress images that I laminateand all my fine images too, I even have canvas to print on!  I can’t wait to use it on some of my panorama’s and have them framed!  I even have some killer aircraft images flying and static that would look great on canvas. 

Below is Chris Rounds the Red Knight landing.



Chris is based out of Tullahoma and does airshows across the country. His plane is a Lockheed T-33 it was build for the Canadian Air Force and the Red Knight was and still is famous in Canada for the airshows from the 1950’s.

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