I was invited to Grace Chapel in Leipers Fork for Sunday service.  The church compared to Leipers Fork is so much more than I expected.  It is one of the new generation types, I would guess there were somewhere around 600 to 800 people at the service.  So as I sat there and listened to the music and the message they were singing, my thoughts took be back to when I was in my teen’s and visiting my Grandmother up in McMinnville, she lived 11 miles out highway 56.  We would make the rounds and visit my cousin Tom Roach up Hills Creek.  Tom was a farmer and one of the toughest men I have know.  The day he died, he loaded 40 bales of hay on the wagon to feed his cows and he was around 75 then.  He would take me Deer hunting in the hills around his house,  he could out walk me and he was 50 years my senior.  So during one of our visits a woman had passed in the community and so some of the men in the  got together and hand dug the grave, well of course I wanted to see what that was all about, well as a teenager I ended up help digging a grave for the woman.  Now I am sure it was a common thing many many years ago, but I am now 55 and I bet I could say that most people my age have never done that before.  So then we attended the service of the woman and hymns  along with the preaching from a very small country church combine that with the other small country churches I have attended in my life,   I think I have gone the circle in how people worship god.  They all the love him and they all care, but there are so many shapes, sizes, and delivery of the message it all still remains the same.  They move the congregation  in their own special way. Always delivering the message of God to them.  The music that was played and sung in Grace Chapel was moving and you could feel it in the air and the congregation.  There was a visiting preacher, and he delivered the message like most others.