My New Year Resolution is: to post more on my blog to keep my friends more up to date with what is going on with me and my photography.

With that being said I also have to be careful because of my Aerial competition, the ones close by don’t tell much and they sure have pumped me for questions and then one has screwed me on a job so my honesty with these guy has been lost, not telling them a thing and sure want have anything to do with the guy who burned me.  Now the other people who I am not a threat too are so very helpful and wonderful to work with and so free to share there great information!  Thank you for that!

Now for today’s happening  SNOW we have SNOW and I am not talking an inch I am talking about 6 inches!  How kool is that?  So I have shoveled a path out and have time to work with my images and ideals that I have.   I will share them in the future but I have to be careful.  So I took some phone shots of the snow and that reminded me to remove thumbnails and some other images off the phone and now back at posting the images.  So now that I have this posted I am moving on to adding more images to my phone.

Till next week